De Palma Software

DMoving is created by De Palma Software, a ambitious CAD developer and service provider based in Finale Ligure, Italy.

De Palma Software’s activity is mainly focused on the development of the DMoving solution in its entirety, application and libraries of dynamic drawings.

The idea, born in 1999, allowed the implementation of tools that have been used for years in the field of civil engineering.

The first commercial version will be ready in September 2019, while various installations, in the “alfatest” phase, are already present in various design environments.

DMoving is a unique CAD solution that uses a newly developed graphic configurator, for which the acronym DDM has been coined.
(Dynamic Drawing Manager)

The slogan “drawings in DMoving move like a running child” wants to convey a very precise concept: the drawings contained in DMoving are not static but dynamic, they move as if they were an integral part of a cartoon.

The company administrator, Remigio Cassalino, who is also the main developer of the application, has been involved in CAD, PLM and programming since 1985.