Below our FAQs, contact us via Contact page or via info@dmoving.eu

Does DMoving natively contain drawings in it?

DMoving contains hundreds of thousands of 2D drawings organized in special containers called “Dynamic Drawings” (DD).

DMoving Professional license allow you to convert any drawing to DXF format.

Does the DMoving Professional license have an expiration date?

The license is permanent, so it has no expiration date.

How can I get DMoving Free to evaluate it?

Just go to the download area and download the compressed file.
The application is easy to install.

DMoving Free allows you to explore all the DMoving drawings but does not allow you to use internal CAD commands and export in DXF format.

Can I create my own library?

For this activity you need DMoving Enterprise, for details contact info@dmvoing.eu.

How can I get software updates and all the drawings that the community of designers connected to DMoving will produce in the future?

You can buy a low cost maintenance contract that allows you to get everything that will be produced for DMoving.

Can I work with De Palma Software to offer my designs?

De Palma Software is always looking for designers who are able to produce quality drawings. If you want your drawings can be transformed into dynamic designs and placed in the application, in exchange for licenses or against a payment for your service.