Quick reference manual

ENGLISH: This quick reference manual is provided only in English, the contents are very simple, many concepts are easily understood from the figures. At the bottom you will find various links to various types of educational material offered in multiple languages. There is also a YouTube channel that contains a series of explanatory videos.

FRANCAIS: Ce manuel de référence rapide est fourni uniquement en anglais, le contenu est très simple, de nombreux concepts sont faciles à comprendre à partir des figures. Au bas de la page, vous trouverez divers liens vers divers types de matériel pédagogique proposé dans plusieurs langues. Il existe également une chaîne YouTube contenant une série de vidéos explicatives.

ITALIAN: Questo manuale di consultazione rapida viene fornito solo in inglese, i contenuti sono molto semplici, molti concetti si intuiscono facilmente dalle figure. Al fondo troverete vari link a materiale didattico di vario tipo proposto in più lingue. Vi è anche un canale YouTube che contiene una serie di video esplicativi.

ESPAÑOL: Este manual de referencia rápida se proporciona solo en inglés, los contenidos son muy simples, muchos conceptos se entienden fácilmente a partir de las figuras. En la parte inferior encontrará varios enlaces a diversos tipos de material educativo que se ofrecen en varios idiomas. También hay un canal de YouTube que contiene una serie de videos explicativos.

DEUTSCH: Diese Kurzanleitung ist nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar, der Inhalt ist sehr einfach, viele Konzepte sind aus den Abbildungen leicht zu verstehen. Unten finden Sie verschiedene Links zu verschiedenen Arten von Lehrmaterialien, die in mehreren Sprachen angeboten werden. Es gibt auch einen YouTube-Kanal mit einer Reihe von erklärenden Videos.

1 Few steps to start navigating

DMoving has been designed with the intention of keeping the graphical interface as simple as possible. Basic use does not even require reading this manual. Each action is highly intuitive; just a few clicks and you’ll see the appearance of various drawings that can be examined with mouse actions that conform to the most common CAD standards.


The transfer of drawings to your CAD system is straightforward. In the absence of a CAD, drawings can be exploited in other ways, for example, they can be inserted in a text document, in a spreadsheet or in a photo editing program.

2 Language selection

1 Right-click the treeview to display the main menu.

2 CLICK on the command shown in the figure.

3 Select the language.

3 Main FORM Organization

The interface is divided into zones and has been designed to make the most frequently used commands available at all times.

DMoving menus are not configurable and cannot be moved by the user. This gives uniformity of operation to the installations; everyone works in the same way and can also refer to the position of the commands.

In addition, each menu has its own purpose and contains a set of commands that share a single topic.

4 Library tree structure, DMTREE

This interface area contains a fundamental treeview for DMoving that we will call DMTREE.

Libraries are organized in a tree structure represented in this area, each branch can contain an unknown number of layers, once you reach the “leaf” you get the display of a CONFIGURATION hosted in a VIEW-SET.


When a node associated with a branch is selected, the graphics area is occupied by the GRAPHIC LIST.

The GRAPHIC LIST shows a set of graphic previews related to the CONFIGURATION-SET contained in the various branches. If you click on a preview, the corresponding CONFIGURATION-SET is reached directly.


.    ENGLISH: Various in-depth content in different languages

.    FRANCAIS: Divers contenus détaillés dans différentes langues

.    ITALIANO: Vari contenuti di approfondimento in diverse lingue

.    ESPAÑOL: Varios contenidos en profundidad en diferentes idiomas

.    DEUTSCH: Verschiedene vertiefende Inhalte in verschiedenen Sprachen

.    What is DMoving (english)

.    Cos’è DMoving (italiano)

.    ¿Qué es DMoving (español)?

.    Video tutorials (different languages)

.    The complete paper manual (about 300 pages) is a DMoving Professonal option (english)

.    Il manuale cartaceo completo (circa 300 pagine) è un’opzione di DMoving Professonal (italiano)

.    Legal notices (english)

.    ENGLISH: De Palma Software is always available for clarifications, write to

.    FRANCAIS: De Palma Software est toujours disponible pour des éclaircissements, écrivez à

.    ITALIANO: De Palma Software è sempre a disposizione per chiarimenti, scrivere a

.    ESPAÑOL: De Palma Software siempre está disponible para aclaraciones, escriba a

.    DEUTSCH: De Palma Software steht Ihnen jederzeit zur Verfügung. Schreiben Sie an