DMoving Professional


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DMoving Professional permanently activates all DMoving potential.





The DXF format allows the drawings to be exported to any CAD program.



VERSIONING (part of “Versioning, Service & Maintenance” contract)

Upon payment of the applicable costs by the Licensee, De Palma Software will provide the latter with the offer valid for a single user. Although many CAD application suppliers have discontinued the sale of permanent licenses and made their software products available only through subscription, De Palma Software only provides permanent licenses, which can be optionally associated with a versioning contract with a minimum duration of one year.

In the absence of a versioning Agreement, the licenses to use the programs and the drawing libraries are always linked to the version for which the license was requested. Therefore, if the Licensee has purchased the license for version 1 of a certain product, he is not entitled to the access keys, and therefore cannot use the subsequent versions of the same product.

In the example below we see a 1YV contract active during the releases of versions 06, 07 and 08.

This hypothetical user was likely to have initially installed version 05 and optionally upgrades 06, 07 and 08.

At the end of the contract, he will decide whether to renew the contract with a view to obtaining version 09 and later.

In the figure the hypothetical 2YV type contract includes the versions ranging from 06 to 10.

SERVICE (part of “Versioning, Service & Maintenance” contract)

De Palma Software help all its customers, regardless of whether they have entered into a “Versioning, Service & Maintenance” contract.

For customers who have stipulated this contract, we will provide more attention, which also includes strategies to improve design-related processes, multiple installations, and deep informations regarding CAD integrations.

MAINTENANCE (part of “Versioning, Service & Maintenance” contract)

During “Versioning, Service & maintenance” you can obtain a new free activation code to make a change hardware, if necessary.

MAINTENANCE provides hardware change is used to transfer the license from one computer to another.

It may be necessary to change computers when it breaks or when it becomes obsolete.

This option is not intended for frequent computer changes. In this case, two or more licenses are required.

When a hardware change is made De Palma Software stores the ID of the source computer and will no longer activate licenses for that computer in the future.

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The DMoving Professional license is made to be applied to an existing DMoving Free installation.

If you haven’t installed yet DMoving Free click here.

For details on the license activation procedure click here.

Additional information


OOV – Only One Version of DMoving Professional (no Versioning, Service & Maintenance), 1YV – DMoving Professional + 1 year of Versioning, Service & Maintenance, 2YV – DMoving Professional + 2 years of Versioning, Service & Maintenance, 1SM – 1 year of Versioning, Service & Maintenance (for existing DMoving Professional), 2SM – 2 years of Versioning, Service & Maintenance (for existing DMoving Professional), EMA – Paper manual in English, ITM – Paper manual in Italian


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